Gülgün Dairy Products

Gülgün Traditional Hellim

Gülgün Dairy Products

100% Natural Products

Being totally 100% natural Gülgün Dairy Products from production to shelf never compromises on quality.

Rich Cheese Varieties

With rich cheese varieties, it is not possible for every product to be more delicious than the other!

Daily Fresh Products

Gülgün Dairy Products carefully goes to the production stage with fresh daily milk.

Happy Customer

The taste never disappears in the palates of those who try it once!

The Joy of Unique Flavors!

BRC,ISO 9001 And ISO 22000

Gülgün Dairy Products Facility is a fully equipped establishment with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates, with a management team of 11 persons, 54 workers and a fleet of 17 vehicles. The management who are always open to technological progress, maintain their idealistic approach also on hygiene standards.[continue...]

14.000m² Milk Processing Facility

The Gülgün Dairy Products Facility, which has a total area of 14.000 m² (indoor area of 4.500 m²), is the most modern, most equipped, technologically advanced and hygienic facility in Cyprus with the daily milk processing capacity of 70-100 tonnes (seasonal).

Family Business

Founded in 1990 by Halil Betmezoğlu, the family business was handed over to his sons in 2007 by himself since he was confident they had a strong experience and education. Gülgün Dairy Products Facility continues its operations as a family business with all its equipment.